Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Rocketry - The Nambi Effect movie Story in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu

R Madhavan's Film Rocketry - The Nambi Effect movie Teaser Trailer is out. The film is about the Real Life Story of ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayan. R Madhavan played the lead role as Nambi Narayan and the True Incident happened in their Life will Blow your mind and Shock you for Sure. Watch the Rocketry Movie Teaser Trailer and Know the Real Life Story of Nambi Narayan in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

"Nambi Narayanan's story is one such story. Because when you hear this man's story, and see his achievements, then I promise you will never be able to stay slient. 'Rocketry - The Nambi Effect'... For those who don't know will be aware and for those who think they know this will be a revelation."

As a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Narayanan was in-charge of the cryogenics division. In 1994, he was falsely charged with espionage and arrested. The charges against him were dismissed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) in 1996, and the Supreme Court of India declared him not guilty in 1998.

Rocketry Movie Teaser Trailer | R Madhavan

Rocketry Movie Teaser Trailer have been released and you can Watch it in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English Languages.





“There are many stories in this world. Some you may have heard, while the others wouldn’t have reached your ears at all. However, there are some stories, which you must know because not knowing equals to your disinterest about our country. Nambi Narayanan - if you hear his story, see his achievements, you will be compelled to talk about it. Rocketry - The Nambi Effect, people who do not know about this will learn, people who think they know about this will be impressed. Watch the teaser of the film on October 31, at 11.33 am,” said Madhavan in the video.

Who is Nambi Narayan?

The head of the ISRO’s promising Cryogenics Division, Nambi Narayan was tasked to scout for the cryogenic technology to propel the space programme to greater heights. He was arrested in 1994 for allegedly trading India’s space secrets to Pakistan. Kept in police custody for 50 days, the case was later transferred to the CBI.
nambi narayan

The CBI later closed the case against him citing lack of evidence. Almost 24 years later, the Supreme Court said the charges against the scientist were trumped up by the Kerala Police.

The Story going to roll onto the Big Screen and you can Experience the Real Life Thrilling Story of ISRO Engineer and Scientist Nambi Narayan on a Big Screen.

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