Sunday, November 20, 2022

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 4 [20th November 2022] Watch Online, Voot, Dailymotion, mx player

In a Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 you have seen Dhruvin Busa has been eliminated during the first dumping ground when Sakshi Shrivas and Justin Dcruz Voted against him. Later Splitsvilla 14 turned exciting watch with an Entry of Controversial queen Urfi Javed. Now, in MTV Splitsvilla Episode 4 you will see Girls will do a task in swimming pool to get the boys. MTV Splitsvilla X4 Episode 4 Download Voot, Dailymotion, MX Player, Jiocinema. Watch 20th November 2022 Episode online.


MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 4 started and 2 Girls Queen Bees, Urfi Javed and Sondous Moufakkir started forming group of girls in their teams for the next task. They are going to play a game of Snatching a Ball in Swimming Pool. The Game is more exciting watch as its gonna decide who is going to get their perfect date with boys. The Winning Team will get a Chance to Select and Pair up with their favorite boys.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 4 Watch Online | Voot, Dailymotion, MX Player

Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani have revealed the MTV Splitsvilla 14 Task. The Last Episode fight between Urfi and Sakshi Dwivedi continued in Episode 4 as well. Interestingly, they both are from the same team. Here's the MTV Splitsvilla 14 Full Episode 4 Download Link, Watch Online on Voot, Dailymotion, MX Player and other platforms.

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MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 4 Video Written Updates

The Game Started between Team Sondous and Team Urfi

Sakshi and Urfi Fight Continued on Day 2 as well

Team Sondous Round 1 with Shreya, Sakshi Shrivas, Akashlina

Team Urfi Round 1 with Saumya, Aradhana, Kashish

It was the Goal game in a Swimming Pool

It was tough fight among girls to do goals and save themselves

Another Round happened in a same way

After winning Task Girls Urfi, Saumya, Shreya, Soundus and Kashish get a chance to meet the boys

Boys were Dancing and Partying on the another side, they were excited to see girls

Urfi Javed Enterd with Saumya Bhandari, Sondous Moufakir, Shreya and Kashish Ratnani

Sondous and Hamid had their first date

Urfi had date with 4 boys Kashish, Justin, Rishabh and 1 more

Kashish were with Joshua as earlier

Saumya with Sohail Khan as earlier

Aagaz Akhtar with Shrea

Urfi Javed formed Connection with Kashish Thakur

They formed connection with each other

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