Saturday, November 19, 2022

MTV Splitsvilla 14 First Elimination, VOTE Out 19th November 2022 | Dhruvin Busa Eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Contestant First Elimination Happened on 19th November 2022 Episode. Based on the Unsafe Contestants in a dumping zone and Vote out between The Winning Couple of the Villa. Based on the MTV Splitsvilla 14 Vote Out among the Contestants Girls and Boys, Dhruvin Busa Eliminated from the show.

dhruvin busa

Have a Look at the Process by which Dhruvin Busa Eliminated or Voted out by the Girls who gets Power.

  • Saumya Saved Aagaz Akhtar as she got impressed with her Trust related talks
  • Sakshi Shrivas Trused Honey Kamboj and saved him
  • Pema and Kashish gets Power to save 1 Boy, They saved Kashish Thakur
  • 2 Winning couple gets Power of Elimination, To Dump someone from unsafe boys
  • Justin-Sakshi dumped Dhruvin Busa, So Dhruvin Busa Eliminated from Splitsvilla X4

So, This is How MTV Splitsvilla 14 First Elimination Happened and Dhurvin Busa Eliminated from the show. Keep Watching MTV Splitsvilla X4 every Saturday-Sunday 7 PM on MTV India.



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