Saturday, November 26, 2022

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 5 VOTE Out [26th NOV 2022] Elimination, Oviya Darnal Eliminated

In the Last Dome Session we have seen the First Vote out happened among the unsafe contestants and Dhruvin Busa eliminated very First from MTV Splitsvilla 14. Now, MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 5 of 26th November witnesses another dome session where vote out happens among the unsafe girls and boys in a villa. As per the News reports, Oviya Darnal eliminated from the show during second vote out of dome session.

oviya darnal

Those girls who won the last task and get the chance to meet boys and create connection were safe along with their partners. Those girls were Urfi, Kashish, Sondous and Shrea. Now, remaining boys and girls were unsafe in a villa. Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani started a Vote Out process among the unsafe contestants.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Elimination 26 Nov 2022 Episode - Oviya Darnal Eliminated

As per the reports, Sakshi Dwivedi, Oviya Darnal and Aradhna were unsafe in Bottom 3 Danger zone. The Vote Out process happened among those 3 girls and finally, Oviya Darnal eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla X4 during second vote out process.

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