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DigiYatra App Download for Android, iOS Smartphones | Registration Guide for Air Travelers

The Central government on December 1 launched its facial recognition system DigiYatra at Delhi, Bangalore and Varanasi airports, which will allow domestic passengers to seamlessly travel without an identification card. The Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia launched the service at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. The service will enable passengers to travel paperless through biometric facial recognition technology (FRT). DigiYatra App Download for Android, iOS Apple Smartphone devices. DigiYatra Registration online guide for air travelers mentioned below.

digiyatra registration

Here we have made it easy to Understand What is DigiYatra App. How to Use DigiYatra for your next Air Travel and make it hassle-free . Also follow the Steps below to Download DigiYatra App for your Android, iOS Mobile Devices and do Online Registration as mentioned.

What is DigiYatra and how will it work?

DigiYatra envisages that the passenger will be able to clear various check points related to boarding pass at the airport through paper and contact less mode using facial features to establish his/her identity. With this technology, entry of passengers will be processed automatically based on facial recognition system at all checkpoints including entry into airport, security check areas, aircraft boarding etc.

Where is Digiatra?

Digiatra service has started at Delhi airport along with Bangalore and Varanasi airport. DigiYatra will be launched in four more airports – Hyderabad, Pune, Vijayawada and Kolkata – by next March. Later, DigiYatra will be rolled out at all other airports expeditiously.

हवाई अड्डों पर अब होगी कागज रहित एंट्री| यह पहल हवाईअड्डों पर विभिन्न चेक पॉइंट्स को कागज रहित बनाने के लिए है। दरअसल, यह एक ऐसी प्रणाली है जो हवाई यात्रियों के चेहरे की पहचान करने वाली तकनीक का उपयोग करके हवाई अड्डे में उन्हें प्रवेश करने देती है।

Who developed the DigiYatra App?

Digi Yatra has been promoted by the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation. To develop a facial recognition system at the airports, Digi Yatra Foundation was set up in 2019. The Digi Yatra Foundation is a joint venture of the Airport Authority of India (AAI), Cochin International Airport (CIAL), Bangalore International Airport (BIAL), Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL), Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (HIAL) & Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL).

Where is the Digi Yatra service available?

The services are currently available for domestic flight passengers only. For the first phase, the services have been launched at seven airports, beginning with three in Varanasi, Bengaluru, and Delhi, while the other four will have the system by March 2023 which includes Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Vijayawada, and eventually, the entire country will have the system in the due time.

Travelers will be able to make use of it by downloading the app and registering via Aadhar ID. There is no central storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The passenger’s ID and travel credentials are stored in a secure wallet on the passenger’s smartphone itself.

DigiYatra Online Registration Guide | Step by Step

You might be wondering how to do Registration on DigiYatra App to get benefits during your next Air Travel. Here we have simplified guide by following which you can do easy registration of yourself.

To do registration on the portal you need to go through the step-by-step, which is available below.
  • Download the Digi Yatra application from Play Store or iOS Store.
  • Run the Digi Yatra application and tap on GET STARTED.
  • Enter your Mobile Number (It is highly recommended to use the Mobile Number which is linked with your Co-WIN COVID-19 Certificate) and then tap on the REGISTER button.
  • Post tapping on the above mentioned option, you will get a 6-digit numerical OTP on the entered mobile number, now you have to fill in it inside the box and hit the SUBMIT button.
  • Now, you will find a tab of WALLET at the bottom of the home screen of the App, tap on it.
  • Here, you will find a Plus Icon (+), click on it, and then hit on Identity Credentials.
  • You will find a tab of the Continue with Offline Aadhar and then upload a scan of the Aadhar Card in the XML File.
  • After uploading an Aadhaar Card, you need to go through the path + (Plus Icon) > Health Credentials > DigiYatraFoudation-CoWIN.
  • Now, you need to fill in your Name and Mobile Number and then hit the option of SUBMIT and then hit enter OTP and then again tap on the Submit button to complete the registration procedure.

Download DigiYatra App | Android, iOS Smartphones

To Download DigiYatra App to your Mobile go to the official playstore and app store link mentioned below and install the app to your mobile smartphone devices.

DigiYatra App - Android
DigiYatra App - iOS

Now, Let's have a look How one can register for their Next DigiYatra.

This is How you can Download DigiYatra App to your Mobile (Android, iOS), Do Registration Online and make your Next Airport Flight Travel Paperless and quick.


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