Accidental Surrogate for Alpha Novel [Caroline Above Story] Guide to Read Online

Accidental Surrogate for Alpha is a popular romance novel with elements of paranormal and fantasy. It revolves around the story of Ella, a woman who decides to become a surrogate mother after experiencing heartbreak and infertility. However, a mix-up occurs, and she ends up carrying the child of Sinclair, a powerful alpha who is also a werewolf.

accidental surrogate for alpha novel

Ella, struggling with infertility and a recent betrayal, decides to become a surrogate mother. During the fertilization process, a mix-up occurs, and Ella is unknowingly carrying Sinclair’s child. Sinclair, a powerful alpha and werewolf, is desperate for an heir and unaware of the mix-up. As Ella’s pregnancy progresses, their paths cross, leading to a complex and passionate relationship.

accidental surrogate for alpha by caroline above story novel explores themes of love, betrayal, destiny, and the supernatural world. The story is filled with drama, suspense, and steamy romance. Accidental Surrogate for Alpha Novel is available to read on Platforms like Amazon, AnyStories, Dreame and Above Story.

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Author: Caroline
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Series: Accidental Surrogate for Alpha (5 books)
First published: 2023
Available formats: eBook, Paperback

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