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Even After Death Novel by Lilting Champ is a very Popular Novel, is a Story of Olivia and Ethan continued with a Big Twist in a Story. You will get to know what happened Next. Even After Death Full Novel is available to read online on official GoodNovel website. Even After Death Novel Chapter 22 continued.

even after death novel chapter 22

The morning light filtered through the windows, revealing the tangled figure of Olivia asleep in Ethan’s arms. Though still groggy from the night’s revelry, Ethan felt a pang of guilt as he remembered the events that led them to this point. Memories of Olivia’s tearful accusations and his own drunken insensitivity hung heavy in the air.

Hesitantly, Ethan withdrew his arm, breaking the fragile comfort of their shared sleep. Olivia stirred, her eyes fluttering open with a mixture of confusion and hurt. The innocent beauty of her face, free from makeup and the weight of their recent troubles, struck Ethan. He saw the kittenish innocence that had once charmed him, now tinged with a defensiveness that reflected their strained relationship.

Shame washed over Ethan as he saw Olivia’s body curled protectively away from him, a stark contrast to the nights of their past, when their limbs had intertwined in passionate embrace. His anger flared, fuelled by his guilt and the realization that he had violated her trust. He lashed out, accusing her of his own transgression.

The tension in the room was suffocating. Ethan, seeking escape, retreated to the bathroom, leaving Olivia to straighten the rumpled sheets and confront the aftermath of their shared night. As he dressed, Ethan felt a pang of regret for his harsh words. He knew his explanation, that he wouldn’t have touched her had he been sober, was a flimsy excuse.

A stray thought struck him. He unbuttoned his shirt, and his eyes widened in surprise. Scattered across his arm were at least twenty strands of hair, a stark reminder of Olivia’s recent struggle with hair loss. The memory of her playful teasing, her fear of going bald, and her recent tearful confession about her illness hit him like a wave.

With newfound purpose, Ethan stormed back into the room, determined to make amends. The carefree life Olivia yearned for might be gone, but perhaps there was still a chance for them to rebuild something new, something stronger, in the face of their shared struggles.

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