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Lisa Elsher’s life takes a dramatic turn when she’s betrayed by her sister and fiancé. Acting on impulse, she marries a wealthy tycoon she barely knows, and her life transforms in unexpected ways. Flash Marriage CEO Spoils Me a Lot is the Captivating Story of Lisa’s Resilience, Revenge, and New Found Love and Ally. Flash Marriage CEO Spoils Me a Lot Episodes & Videos are available to watch Online.

Jerry Davis, the Head of the Davis Group, unintentionally overhears the distressing situation Lisa is facing and promptly rushes to offer comfort. To Lisa’s surprise, it is revealed that she had saved Jerry in the past, and he happens to be Cody’s grandfather. Jerry introduces Cody to Lisa, disclosing that it was Cody who rescued her during the night of her engagement party.

In that moment, as Lisa contemplates Elsa’s malicious intentions to tarnish her reputation in Perli, she spontaneously proposes marriage to Cody. Cody, taken aback but amused at the same time, agrees to marry Lisa on the very same day. From that point forward, Cody stands by Lisa as a steadfast ally in times of trouble. When Nick suddenly pleads for Lisa to come back to him, Cody assertively declares that anyone who dares to come Lisa’s way will face dire consequences.

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In a Sixth Episode of Flash Marriage CEO Spoils Me a Lot you will see Lisa introduces her Husband Nick to her family and how things to worse among her sister, father and mother. How Lisa and Nick goes away against their Dad. Flash Marriage CEO Spolils Me a Lot Episode 6 is quite intriguing Watch available to watch online.

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