Marry My Husband Episode 4: Ji-Won stuns the office

Episode 4 of “Marry My Husband” picks up right where the previous episode left off, throwing viewers into a whirlwind of romance, jealousy, and shocking revelations. Here Marry My Husband Episode 4 Eng Sub Recap. Ji-Won Stuns the Office, You can watch it online on Prime Video.

marry my husband episode 4

Things heat up between Ji-Won and Yoo Ji-Hyuk after Eun-Ho’s unexpected confession. Ji-Hyuk, clearly jealous, calls Ji-Won for an “urgent” work meeting, which quickly turns into a sweet coffee date. Their chemistry is undeniable, and Ji-Won even encourages Ji-Hyuk to ditch his glasses for contacts. Meanwhile, Ji-Won’s ex-boyfriend Min-Hwan throws shade at Ji-Hyuk, suggesting he has feelings for her. This sparks a hidden spark of curiosity within Ji-Won.

Makeover Magic and Misunderstandings

Ji-Won stuns the office with a stunning makeover the next day. The new look garners respect and admiration from her colleagues, but Ji-Hyuk isn’t thrilled about the attention she’s attracting. Their playful banter reveals Ji-Won’s confidence boost and Ji-Hyuk’s growing possessiveness.

A misunderstanding arises when Ji-Won sees Ji-Hyuk with her co-worker Hee-Yeon. Mistaking their closeness for something more, Ji-Won’s insecurities surface. However, the truth is revealed soon after when Hee-Yeon addresses Ji-Hyuk’s grandfather as “father,” confirming their sibling relationship.

The episode’s biggest bombshell drops in the final scene. It’s revealed that Ji-Hyuk, just like Ji-Won, died in 2023 and miraculously traveled back in time. The clincher? He too bears the mysterious heart mark on his chest, mirroring the one Ji-Won’s father used to draw on bills. This shared connection suggests a deeper destiny at play, one that unites them in their second chance at life.

Where to Watch?

Intrigued by the unfolding mystery and blossoming romance? Catch episode 4 of “Marry My Husband” on Prime Video to see what fate has in store for Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk! Here is the Direct Link to Marry My Husband Episode 4 With English Subtitles.

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