Marrying The Man in The Dark Novel Chapter 4

Tension crackled in the air like a live wire. Damien’s icy voice had chilled the dining room as June knelt, tears brimming in her eyes. Frances, usually composed, mirrored June’s fear. Even Cherise watched, wide-eyed. Continued reading Marrying the man in the Dark Novel Chapter 4.

marrying the man in the dark novel chapter 4

Damien, known for his gentle demeanor, wasn’t always a pushover. His anger could be a chilling storm. To Cherise’s surprise, this storm wasn’t aimed at her, but at June for disrespecting her.

“So, you decide who cooks in this house?” Damien’s smile was razor-sharp as he spoke. June trembled, stammering excuses about sparing Cherise the burden. The smile vanished, replaced by a glacial sneer. “Don’t play house, June. This isn’t your domain.”

Frances, quick to understand, followed suit, kneeling instantly. Shame painted her face as she begged forgiveness. Cherise, caught between a whirlwind of emotions, felt compelled to intervene.

“Damien, she meant well,” she stammered, blushing under his intense gaze. “I’ll make breakfast….”

Before she could reach the kitchen, his hand on her wrist stopped her. The familiar minty scent sent a tingle up her spine. He pulled her gently onto his lap, his voice low and husky.

“Hubby?” he teased, savoring the blush that bloomed on her cheeks. Cherise stammered out a menu for her “hubby,” each item punctuated by deepening crimson.

Damien chuckled, a warm sound that softened the harsh lines of his face. He pecked her forehead, the gesture strangely intimate. “Tomorrow, then. Sleep in.”

As Cherise rushed upstairs, his eyes, hidden behind the black cloth, followed her with an unreadable glint.

Later, after Cherise left for university, the storm in the dining room subsided. Frances, having reported back to Damien, stood stiffly. His voice, cold and calculating, pierced the silence.

“You understand your task, Frances?” he inquired, a faint smirk playing on his lips.

She paled, kneeling once more. “Yes, Mr. Lenoir. I will observe and report accurately.”

A satisfied smile curved his lips. “Good. For now, June’s departure should suffice. Remember, discretion is key.”

Meanwhile, on campus, Cherise’s arrival caused a stir. Her classmate, Lucy, stared in disbelief. Despite rumors of a luxurious marriage, Cherise looked untouched, unchanged. No designer clothes, no makeup, just the same old Cherise in faded jeans and a ponytail.

Lucy’s mind raced. A blind, rich husband meant… forbidden desires, right? Yet, here was Cherise, seemingly unscathed. The lack of evidence gnawed at Lucy’s curiosity. Could Damien be physically incapable?

Driven by this bizarre theory, Lucy hatched a plan. She messaged her cousin, an andrologist, seeking “medicine for men who can’t do it.” Her concern for Cherise, or rather, her insatiable curiosity, knew no bounds.

The day unfolded with unsettling whispers. Cherise, oblivious to the speculation swirling around her, immersed herself in a novel about a passionate CEO romance. The scene reached a fever pitch, the lovers poised for intimacy.

Suddenly, a familiar voice shattered the moment. “Cherise?”

Startled, she dropped her phone, the screen glowing with the forbidden scene. Looking up, she met the unexpected gaze of Ian Philips, her high school crush, now a dashing doctor in a white coat.

Mortified, the phone clattered to the floor once more. Her heart hammered against her ribs as she stammered out a greeting, cheeks burning hotter than any fictional romance scene.

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