NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN EP 2 Eng Sub, Where to Watch?

After getting So much love from Viewers on the First Episode of Nana Tour with Seventeen. Fans are excited for Nana Tour with Seventeen Episode 2. It feels like we are going with them in every single step in their fun Trip. Here is everything you Need to know about Nana Toru Ep 2.

nana tour with seventeen ep2

PD Na, a 20-year veteran of travel entertainment shows, got a new job as a tour guide and became Guide Na! He’s the tour guide for SEVENTEEN who’s going on a vacation into the summer of Italy! Nana Toru reality and Travel show Episode 2 is becoming even more exciting watch as Members explores even more places.

Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino are members of Nana Tour Ep 2. Nana Tour Ep 2 is about Seventeen expressing their excitement at exploring Rome where they are super happy taking Photos, Videos and enjoying tasy food together. Further they head to picturesque Tuscany.

SEVENTEEN’s Italian adventure continues! They’re in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, but before they can soak up the views, guess what? PD Na throws a quiz at them on the bus. Typical Na Young Suk style, right? They try their best, but things get a little…intense. SEVENTEEN’s competitive spirit kicks in, and with 12 members, you can imagine how lively (and maybe a bit noisy!) it gets. Want to see how the quiz turns out? Tune in to the next episode of “NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN” on January 12th! Don’t miss the fun!

NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN Full versions are available only on Weverse.

Ep 1: 5th January 2024
Ep 2: 12th January 2024

Nana Tour Ep 2 scheduled to air on January 12, 2024 on Weverse Platform. NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN New Episodes airs every Friday 10:00 PM (KST)

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