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Charlie wants to be a racecar driver but he doesn’t have a racecar of his own. The only solution he comes up with is to make a bizarre agreement with king of the raceway Babe, nicknamed Pit Babe. Even stranger, Babe agrees to help Charlie realize his dream. This Web Novel ‘Pit Babe’ by _alittlebitch is adapted into a Web-Series on the same title. Here you can read Pit-Babe Novel Chapter 1 online English Translated Version.

pit babe novel chapter 1 english

The roar of powerful engines and the pulsating rhythm of Latin music filled the air as the checkered flags waved, signaling the commencement of the new racing season. Adrenaline-fueled young drivers converged at The Hollows, the legendary racetrack renowned for its unbridled thrills and the fulfillment of every automotive desire.

The colossal digital clock on the stadium’s edge displayed 13:15, indicating that the first round was only 15 minutes away. As tradition dictated, the tournament would commence with a captivating opening match featuring the reigning champions from the previous season. The names of the competing teams, emblazoned on the competition announcements, drew a fervent crowd, despite the scorching heat that threatened to blister their skin.

“Welcome, esteemed spectators, to the grand opening of the new season at the most exhilarating, awe-inspiring, and out-of-this-world racing track… The Hollows!!!”

The booming voice of a renowned sports commentator ignited a chorus of cheers from both the racers and the spectators. Young enthusiasts, scattered throughout the stadium, eagerly squeezed into the stands, anticipating the imminent spectacle. The first-round contestants would be unleashing their prized possessions – their expensive and impeccably tuned automobiles – for an unforgettable display of prowess.

“If you thought last season was a whirlwind of excitement, then prepare to be swept away by this season’s unparalleled intensity. We are thrilled to welcome both seasoned veterans and fresh-faced contenders to the arena, including the formidable T9, the indomitable Million Miles, the enigmatic Six-Z, and the rising stars of the Summer League, the sensational Blackburn!”

The roar of the crowd reverberated through the stadium, igniting a surge of adrenaline in both the spectators and the racers poised on the starting grid. The new racing team’s supporters cheered with unwavering enthusiasm, their voices echoing the fire that burned within the hearts of their young heroes. The racers, poised for action, responded with waves of acknowledgment, their confidence radiating like the sun’s rays.

Despite their rookie status, these young drivers had already captured the hearts of many, their talent and passion undeniable. Yet, in the eyes of the seasoned veterans, who had spent years honing their craft, this level of popularity was nothing new.

“This season’s rookies are definitely worth keeping an eye on,” the commentator’s voice boomed across the stadium. “Today, we welcome not only a new generation of energetic contenders but also the legendary teams that have etched their names in racing history, teams that are back to create new legends this season. A warm welcome to Deadline, Quarterback, Race Chaser…”

Regardless of the field’s favorites, the true king of The Hollows remained untouchable, a force to be reckoned with.

“And the legendary king of The Hollows – X-Hunter!”

The stadium erupted in an uproar, the cheers deafening. Even those who weren’t ardent fans couldn’t deny the allure of this team, their reputation as the epitome of racing prowess and their sleek, powerful vehicles that surpassed all others.

“There are still 10 minutes left,” the commentator reminded the audience.

But the hunters, the stars of the show, were nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, they’ll be here soon,” remarked a tall figure in a racer’s uniform, sipping his coffee nonchalantly while the track staff bustled around him, their faces etched with concern over the missing racer.

“But he should be on standby now,” the seemingly new team member pressed, a hint of impatience in his voice. “Besides, he has to check—”

“Is this your first day at work?” the tall racer interrupted, a playful smile curving his lips. He had to admit, he enjoyed teasing the newbies. But to the new team member, his smile appeared strangely unsettling.


“Oh, I understand,” the young racer nodded casually, slowly closing the distance between them and deliberately lowering his face to meet the new team member’s gaze. The new kid felt a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead. “Don’t worry about checking the car. It was completed a long time ago. A racer never forgets to check their car before racing, right?”

“But he…”

“I didn’t order you to answer.” The racer’s voice was soft, almost soothing, yet his words sent shivers down the new team member’s spine. Even more chilling was the way the handsome face abruptly transformed into a wide, friendly smile. “In addition to preparing the car, racers must also prepare their bodies and minds.”


“And now he is preparing himself in his way.”

The new team member froze, the famous racer’s intense gaze piercing his very soul. Being teased by his seniors for simply wanting to catch a glimpse of the legendary racers was bad enough, but now he had to face this intimidating teammate?

“Then I suggest we just wait here,” the young racer straightened up, resuming his nonchalant stance, his composure seemingly unaffected by the new team member’s discomfort. “He will be here when it’s time.”


“We will definitely experience an exciting race.”

Meanwhile, in the dimly lit locker room, a lone figure stood amidst the shadows, a faint glow filtering through the partially opened blinds. The room was eerily silent, devoid of the usual pre-race hustle and bustle. But the occupant of the room seemed oblivious to the impending competition, lost in a world of his own.

“Ah— ah…”

Moans and gasps escaped his lips, unrestrained, his mind consumed by the intense pleasure coursing through his veins. The need to fulfill his desires was paramount, and the risk of being caught was a distant afterthought.

“Ah— Phi…,” a hoarse voice whispered against his ear, the sound laced with a hint of annoyance. The constant repetition of his name, ‘Phi’, felt almost infantile, akin to a child’s plea for affection. But did he really enjoy this? It was more than a little revolting.

“Aren’t you in a hurry, ah— you’re not in a hurry to compete?”

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