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The agreement between the bespectacled racing enthusiast and the reigning champion had been officially cemented, and with it came a series of adjustments to align with the new arrangement. For Pit Babe, the epitome of superiority, life continued much as it had before, an uninterrupted cycle of indulgence. The only notable difference was the absence of the arduous task of seeking out a suitable alpha and the elimination of unpleasant odors during intimate encounters.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s life had undergone a significant transformation. He was constantly on call for Babe, available whenever the champion desired his company. If Babe wished him to stay, Charlie had no choice but to comply. And if Babe grew bored during their time together, Charlie would be summoned back, always subservient to the champion’s whims.

Despite this dynamic, if asked whether he was dissatisfied with the current situation, Charlie would likely respond with a resolute no. The proximity to his beloved Rolls-Royce and the deeper immersion into the world of racing provided him with a sense of fulfillment, outweighing any perceived loss of autonomy.

“Ah! Ah!—stronger….”

He really didn’t lose anything.

He can only accept and earn.

A babe with messy hair doesn’t make him look ugly. On the contrary, he still looked very natural and seductive in Charlie’s eyes. When he saw a figure slipping on the bed, gasping, groaning while digging his nails into the pillowcase, and unable to control himself, he thought it was the most beautiful and exciting image for him.

And that was the scene in front of him right now.

“P’Babe.. — ah,” Charlie himself couldn’t help but groan because no matter how many times he did something like this with Babe, he felt an urge every time that he had never experienced before. When in reality, he didn’t have much experience in bed. But having sex with Babe was still the best thing in his mind. “…I’ll be there….”

“Ah, emmhhh— me too…” Babe gritted his teeth, trying to lift his head from the pillow because he wanted to see the part where his and Charlie’s bodies were so tightly connected. His hard cock pounded into him quickly and it was a more satisfying frequency than the first time, because this kid was good at learning everything he taught him very well, “You like it?”

“This is amazing…” Charlie answered, panting. “You’re so tight.”

“You’re too big.”

“So you don’t like it? My big penis?

“You talk too much,” the senior complained to the stupid boy above him, as usual. Even so, he still couldn’t stop sighing with joy. His pretty brows were furrowed from the heat that was now making him so aroused so much that his head was filled with perverted fantasies. And it’s definitely more salacious than what’s actually happening right now. “Umh— Charlie….”


“Are you finish?”

“Almost. A little bit more.”

“If you want it to come, take it out,” said Babe, groaning in a trembling voice because even though they were chatting, Charlie didn’t soften the blow to his lower body at all: “Take your dick out—ah!”

“What?” Charlie made a face when he heard that.

“Don’t get too excited. I won’t make you cum inside me.”

The boy maintained his expression as he felt excited about the new command he had never heard from Babe before. “I want you to take it outside.”

“Where? Where?”

“Anywhere— ah!” The more he heard it, the more excited the young alpha male became. His two large hands firmly held him round hips and accelerated his pace as if he wanted to carry out the beautiful alpha’s orders almost irresistibly.



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