The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 9 | Love Comes First

Willow hesitated to give herself to Caspian so readily, despite the agreement she had signed. Though she tried to distance herself, his strong arms held her in place. Caspian, then, took a step further by locking the CEO’s office door.

The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 9

“Caspian, please consider your own dignity. You’re a married man,” Willow pleaded as she struggled in his embrace.

Caspian, with a mischievous grin, revealed a freshly acquired divorce certificate. “Willow, my love, I’m officially divorced today. Believe me. We’ll soon have our marriage certificates and make the supplementary term effective.”

After a couple of hours, during which they shared an intimate moment, they tidied up. Caspian, realizing it was Willow’s first time, sensed a change in her demeanor. Despite her reservations, Willow acknowledged the deal she had sealed in the contract, making Caspian her husband from that day forward.

In an attempt to ease the awkwardness, Willow bashfully inquired about the origin of the 12 million dollars Caspian had invested. He evasively mentioned a stroke of luck, hinting at a lottery win.

As Willow left the office, the office buzzed with gossip about Caspian, Melanie, and Bobby. Colleagues criticized Caspian’s financial status and speculated on Melanie’s reasons for leaving him.

Unexpectedly, Willow returned with a surprising announcement – Caspian would be the new chairman of the company’s board. The room fell into a shocked silence, but eventually, some applause followed, signaling a new chapter for Caspian in the company.

Caspian, undisturbed by the previous gossip, pointed out Thomas Miller and summoned him to discuss his report. The once-confident Thomas now faced an unexpected twist in Caspian’s rise to power.

As the office reacted to the sudden turn of events, Caspian assured everyone that he would take the time to listen to their reports individually. He left them with a playful comment about enjoying their discussions before him.

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