The Billionaire Alpha’s Contract Lover Novel Chapter 151

The Billionaire Alpha’s Contract Lover Novel Chapter 151 continued from Here. The Story of A griffon and taya becoming more interesting and exciting read by each Next Chapter. Enjoy reading what happened in Chapter 151 for your favorite Alpha Romance Novel.

the billionaire alpha's contract lover chapter 151

The harsh sound of Griffon scrubbing his hands echoed in the room, each stroke punctuated by a flicker of simmering anger in his eyes. As he finally turned to me, his voice rumbled like a warning growl, “Didn’t I warn you to stay away from Jackson?”

My heart skipped a beat. Seeing him at the event, I assumed he was just another guest. Never had I imagined he’d attend just to confront me. A day had barely passed, yet he already knew about my encounter with Jackson, or at least, what he perceived it to be.

But I refused to shoulder the blame. If not for Tara’s intervention, I’d be home, awaiting a fate worse than death. Accompanying Jackson to such a gathering would have been unthinkable. My conscience demanded honesty, and I met his gaze steadily.

“I intended to follow your instructions, but Tara insisted I entertain him,” I explained, my voice unwavering. “She made it abundantly clear that defying her would have severe consequences. My only option was to disobey your warning.”

My words were meant to make a point: his Tara was the reason I stood before him now. A scowl marred Griffon’s face, his features hardening. “Would Tara have asked for your company if you hadn’t climbed into Jackson’s bed?” he challenged, his voice laced with accusation.

Of course. I should have known. No matter Tara’s actions, Griffon would never blame his future Luna. He was blinded by his loyalty, deaf to any explanation I might offer. Pushing myself against the wall, I clamped my mouth shut. Further argument would be futile, and provoking an Alpha was a foolish risk.

Griffon advanced, his presence overwhelming. His hand cupped my head, forcing me to meet his gaze. “Jackson just publicly broke his engagement with the Knight pack,” he announced, his voice tight with controlled fury. “Did you instruct him to do so?”

His words stunned me, throwing me into a sea of confusion. How could my encounter with Jackson possibly be linked to his sudden decision?

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My lips remained sealed. What was the point of defending myself when my words would fall on deaf ears? Griffon took another step, his scent filling my senses, sending shivers down my spine. He was too close, his presence suffocating.

Panic surged through me as I instinctively tried to turn away, but my lips accidentally brushed against his cheek. The contact was fleeting, yet it felt like an explosion, igniting a storm of emotions within me.

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