The Billionaire Alpha’s Contract Lover Novel Chapter 2, Story Continued

The Billionaire Alpha’s Contract Lover Novel if full of Twists and Turns Romance Novel. Here you will get to know what happened in a Story from Chapter 2 of novel. A Story of Griffon turned exciting. Read to know.

the billionaire alpha's contract lover chapter 2

I blinked, clutching the covers tightly around my body, my knuckles w hite as a sliver of panic raced through my heart.
What did he mean?
Griffon turned around, went to the side table, to the papers he’d been looking through last night. He shuffled through them, then tossed one onto the bed in front of me.
“I’m canceling our contract. You’re fired.”
I felt the blood drain from my face, and my heart stopped for
Not “we’re breaking up.

Regardless as to how our relationship had started, regardless of how I’d come to feel about him, I knew this day would come.
Because in reality, we had no “relationship”. We were employer and employee, and I served only one purpose for Griffon.
Nonetheless, his words stung.

I’d never expected that he would end things so abruptly. I’d thought I’d have more time. Sure, I’d expected his typical unemotional coldness, but this was beyond that.
After being with him for five years, he gave me no reason or explanation.
He didn’t think I deserved that, and it was painful to think

Suppressing the sharp pain in my heart, I slowly raised my head from staring at the document on the bad and gazed at Griffon. Enough time had pa*sed with my being frozen by his words that he was now fully dressed in his typical dark suit.
“But…the contract will expire in six months. Can’t we wait for a little longer?” My voice was somewhat pleading, and I struggled to keep it from cracking.
The doctor said I only had three months left, and the only thing I wanted was to stay with him until the end of my life.
Griffon remained silent, staring at me with his stoic, vacant expression, as if he were kicking away a toy he had grown tired of playing with.
His silence was all I needed. His decision was final.
After five long years of trying, I had failed to thaw Griffon’s frozen heart. It was time to wake up from my illusion.
I took the contract and plastered on a fake smile, attempting to feign indifference. “Don’t be so serious. I was just joking.” Then, I added, “I’m glad this is over. I get six months off. How perfect!”
Griffon paused as he adjusted his shirt sleeves, then lifted his gaze to me.
It took everything in me to make sure there was no sadness in my eyes, to make sure the only emotions he might see were excitement or relief.
The absolute last things I felt.
Griffon narrowed his eyes and frowned. “You’re glad it’s over?”
I nodded and shrugged one shoulder as if I hadn’t a care in the world.
“Yup. I’m not the little girl I was when I agreed to this. It’s time for me to get married and have children. I can’t always be your contract lover, can I?”
Inside, I laughed at myself. It was impossible for me to get married or have children, but I’d be dam ned if I ever let Griffon
know that.
I would leave with dignity and grace.
I forced another smile and asked, “Does that mean I can finally have a normal boyfriend once I leave here?”
Griffon’s eyes were filled with deep and unidentifiable emotions.

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After staring at me for a while, he looked at his watch and turned to leave.
“Do whatever you want.”
Looking at his back as he turned and walked away, my smile faded.

Griffon hated it when other people touched his things, including his woman. His wolf would push through, his eyes flashing amber and his claws coming out. But this time, there was no
He truly was done with me.

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