Monday, August 22, 2022

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Hosts | Arjun Bijlani to HOST with Sunny Leone and Not Rannvijay Singha

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha hosted india's most loved couple based reality show MTV Splitsvilla is back with Season 14. MTV Splitsvilla X4 welcomes Arjun Bijlani as a New Host of the Season joining sunny leone. This time Rannvijay won't be part of the show and fans gonna miss him.
splitsvilla 14 hosts

In fact Rannvijay Singha is busy shooting his other projects. Rannvijay Singha have revealed few days back that he is busy shooting his New Show IRL : In Real Love Coming soon on Netflix. So, due to prior commitments Rannvijay couldn't be part of MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 reality show on mtv india.

But, There isn't any worry for show fans. As Television Industry's most loved host Arjun Bijlani is joining MTV Splitsvilla 14 with sunny leone. Shooting of the MTV Splitsvilla X4 have been already kick started with contestants and show will be aired very soon on MTV India.

Its expected that MTV Splitsvilla X4 will be more interesting and exciting watch with added twists in a season. But the concept of finding ideal match connections, fights, Voteout and elimination will remain the same.

Don't forget to watch MTV Splitsvilla every Saturday 7 pm on mtv india.
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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Naagin 6 Episode 34 Written Updates - 5th June 2022 | Explained in Hindi

 Naagin 6 Episode 34 of 5th June Video Written Updates | Lets talk about what happened in a supernatural fantasy based tv serial. Naagin 6 stars Tejaswi Prakash, Meheck Chahal, Simba Nagpal in a led roles. Lets talk about Naagin 6 5th June Episode 34 Written updates in Hindi, English with subtitles.

pratha naagin 6 ep 34

Naagin 6 Last Episode Highlights: Pratha prays to Lord Shiva and jumps to the tabernacle. She stands under the red moon. Snakes suck her as part of the ritual. She bears all the pain for Rishabh. Pratha wakes up like a normal human. Mehek calls Pratha and tells them that she and Samaira are in a problem. Rehan, Vivan and Ritesh catch Mehek and Sameera gets picked. Pratha comes there and asks them to stop. She sees a rod and beats them with it. Rishabh stops her and strangles Mehek. She attacks them and leaves with Mehek. Mehek stabs her from the reverse. Pratha gets shocked.

Naagin, the saga of love and revenge, sacrifice. This supernatural show traces the lives of 'ichchadhari' naagins. Watch on, as every season, the Naagin fights evil and keeps the ultimate source of power safe.

Rishabh approaches Mehek and hugs him. She expresses remorse over their phoney brawl. Pratha is told by Mehek that time will answer all of her questions. Vijay and his group arrive. Mehek informs them that she witnessed Pratha murder Samaira. Pratha is restrained. Mehek makes his way to the train station. Pratha confronts her and asks why she deceived her. Mehek informs her that after taking her power, she came shesh naagin, but that she has now offered everything for her dumb love. Pratha inquires about Rishabh’s metamorphosis. Mehek informs her that she'll be hung. Rishabh and Mehek swear against Pratha in court. She's taken suddenly.

Naagin 6 Episode 34 - 5th June 2022 Written Updates: Naagin 6 Turning Interesting with major twists in story plots. Now, here you will get to know the Truth of Naagin 6 Story and leave you with lots of excitements and question in mind for the next episode.

Naagin 6 Episode 34 of 5th June 2022 video written updates - TBA

Naagin 6 Episode 34 5th June episode written updates revealed here.

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Friday, October 1, 2021

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner Name revealed! Meet the Winning and Runner Up Couple

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Grand Finale Episode happened in Top 2 Finalists Couple who were Shivam-Palak and Jay Aditi. Firstly, Shivam Palak made it to the Finale. Later Jay and Aditi joins them in a Grand Finale. Finally, Thrilling task happens in both couple and The Ultimate Winning couple are Jay and Aditi. Yes, Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput are the MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winners in a Grand Finale Episode.

mtv splitsvilla 13 winner

The Grand Finale Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 13 have been graced by the ex contestants of this season. The Thrilling task happened in a Finalists Jodi. The show was hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha. Finally, Jay and Aditi are the Winners of MTV Splitsvilla 13.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Winner - Jay and Aditi

MTV Splitsvilla 13 First Runner Up - Shivam and Palak

Many Congratulations to MTV Splitsvilla X3 Winner Jay Dudhane and Aditi Rajput. Also Congratulations to Shivam and Palak. Yo have been amazing throughout the journey.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Baazaar Movie: Saif Ali Khan is the Heart and Soul of the film, Don't miss it!

 Baazaar is an Indian Hindi-language thriller drama film directed by Gaurav K. Chawla and written by Nikhil Advani, Aseem Arora and Parveez Sheikh. Starring Saif Ali Khan, debutant Rohan Vinod Mehra, Radhika Apte and Chitrangada Singh in lead roles.The film is about within the backdrop of cash , power and business, largely supported the stock exchange . The film was released on 26 October 2018. Bazaar may be a thriller about money, power and therefore the stock exchange.

baazaar movie

Baazaar Movie Review: But Rohan Mehra struggles to bridge over his limitations while Radhika and Chitrangada make their presence felt. Saif Ali Khan Is Rock-Solid during a Passable Film

A stock exchange thriller, Baazaar, directed by first-timer Gauravv K. Chawla, spins mainly around on stock devices. A small-town lad heads to Mumbai with the intention of working together with his model , a company czar with a rags-to-riches story that begins at the age of ten with smuggling diamonds on crowded Surat to Mumbai express trains. the 2 worlds collide, the contrast between a 100-meter sprint and a marathon race is discussed, numbers are crunched, nefarious deals are struck, stocks are bought and dumped and fortunes are made and marred. that's tons of effort for a movie so underwhelming.

Rizwan is from alittle town, but he's no shrinking puppy. He coolly drinks the spit, puts down 100 bucks on the table and says, "Sold, Sir. To myself."

Rizwan deals in stocks and shares, the film deals within the lines people cross and consciences that are killed on the road to wealth, and whether it's necessary to be unemotional and amoral to urge there. the foremost interesting parts come when Shakun activates persons who accuse him of being a fraud - suddenly, his calm exterior cracks, he snarls and gets violent as he lists out the fraudulent measures adopted by the opposite individual with none qualms until he was outwitted by Shakun.

The difference between victory and defeat, declares Shakun, is hunger. But once Rizwan's hunger is satiated, he turns into a whiny, whimpering slob who goes scurrying to the stock exchange regulators - represented by Manish Chaudhry during a cameo - to spill the beans and convey his mentor to book. And therein lies one among the explanations why the young man turns suicidal.
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Monday, March 22, 2021

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out, Elimination | List of Eliminated Contestants

MTV India aired Love Based TV reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 Started with the Entry of Contestants including Celebrities and Non Celebs. Now they started making Pair and Love Connection with each other. Finally there is going to be the Vote Out of the MTV Splitsvilla X3 contestants every week. See Who are the Voted Out or Eliminated Contestants on a Show.
vote out

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha have done an Excellent Job to Host the Show Shot in Kerala. See Who are the evicted Contestants of MTV Splitsvilla Season X3. Vote out of the Participants going to be in a Several ways including Individual and Couple Eviction.

There are going to be the Love Tests, Tasks, Lessons and Fights in a Show. Finally the one who is going to Loose will be Eliminated from the Show. See who are the Evicted Contestants. Meanwhile, Oracle will test the Ideal Matches or Connection of the Contestants.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out | Elimination List with Photos

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Voted out Contestants Names with photos mentioned. See the Date and Episode when mentioned contestants evicted.
azma shweta

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out Episode 6 | 10th April 2021:  First Vote Out - MTV Splitsvilla 13 Double Vote Out - Shweta Nair and Azma Fallah Eliminated
janvi devashish
MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out 15th May 2021 - Janvi and Devashish got eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out 29th May 2021 - Riya Kishanchandani got eliminated | dumped out | voted out
samruddhi jadhav
MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out 12th June 2021 - Samruddhi Jadhav got eliminated | dumped out | voted out
Note - MTV Splitsvilla 13 Vote Out to be revealed Here.

Keep Watching MTV Splitsvilla 13 Every Sunday 7 PM on MTV India Channel.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 2 [13th March 2021] Voot, Mx Player Online

In the Very First Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 13 we have met the girls and boys contestants who entered to the villa. Now, Its a Time for the First Task in between them. The Girls and Boys are going to go on the first date and they will try to create Ideal Match Connection according to their choices.

splitsvilla task

There are going to be the Candle Light Dinner, Pool Date and much more romantic moments in a first dating task announced by hosts Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone. Now, MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 2 Watch online on website. You can watch it or download it first from voot select subscription. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Full Episode Download 13th March 2021.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 2 Watch Online of 13 March 2021. MTV Splitsvilla X3 full Episode watch online Mx Player for free. The Ideal Match Connection hunt is on. The First Ideal Match to be revealed and The One who manages to create First Ideal Match will sent out to another Villa, ie Golden Villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 2 Download Voot, Mx Player. Watch Full Episode.

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Ideal Matches Connections List MTV Splitsvilla 13 | First Ideal Match Couple

MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 started very interesting with the entry of beautiful girls and handsome boys. Now, Just like earlier seasons, they will try to create their Ideal Match Connections in a Villa. The First Ideal Match Connection and the next consecutive Ideal Match Connections to be selected by Oracle in a Villa.

ideal match

The Contestants will try to impress each other in their First Date and they will find if they are an Ideal Match Connections or not by testing their love bondage. Finally, Oracle Machine will identify the Ideal Match Connection. See Who is the First Ideal Match and next selected Ideal Match Connections in a Villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Matches Connections List 2021 with Images

The List of Ideal Match Connections confirmed by Oracle going to go in an Another Villa and they are going to blessed with a Special Power to rule the Villa. See Who is the First Ideal Match Connection and Who are the Next Consecutive matches found in a MTV Splitsvilla X3.

1) Kevin and Kat becomes the First Ideal Match - 24th April 2021 Episode


2) Jay and Aditi becomes the Second Ideal Match - Jay Dudhane & Aditi Rajput 2nd Ideal Match Couple

jay aditi

3) Dhruv Malik and Sapna Malik becomes the 3rd Ideal Match - Yes, Dhruv & Sapna are the 3rd Ideal Match Couple

dhruv sapna

3) Nikhil and Bhoomika becomes the 4th Ideal Match - Yes, Nikhil Malik and Bhoomika Vasishta are the 4th Ideal Match Couple
nikhil bhoomika

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Ideal Match Connections List with Images revealed right here. Keep watching MTV Splitsvilla 13 Every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India.

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