A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3425


Meanwhile, Feenix had already brought Izolda and Kiara back to the place where Misho and the others were resting at that moment. Izolda’s and Kiara’s pathetic state had everyone stunned. “Izolda, h-how did you end up in such a state?” “Kiara, my dearest daughter, what exactly did you experience?” When Misho and Hamish saw Izolda’s … Read more

A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3259


Capture Him Jared could now employ his techniques and use his Dragonslayer Sword, so he approached the beasts without fear. With a single swing of his Dragonslayer Sword, Jared unleashed a surge of light, fierce as a tempest. Wherever the blade’s light passed, the nascence beasts were instantly reduced to nothingness. As the beasts fell, … Read more

A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3474


“I’m fine, everything’s good!” Jared reassured. “Jared, what was that lightning tribulation cloud just now? I thought Pablo had broken through to the Ultimate Realm. But I didn’t see any changes in him, and you didn’t either. What exactly happened?” Catina asked curiously. Jared smiled and took out the little Celestial Devourer. “Look, it hatched … Read more

A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3521


Evindal led the Demonic Cultivators into the cave of the telepathic beasts. Upon seeing the two telepathic beasts, they were filled with excitement. “So this is a telepathic beast. It seems rather dull-witted. Is it truly sensitive to aura?” Mayze asked. “It has just given birth. You mustn’t get too close…” Evindal quickly raised his … Read more

A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3444


“This technique is known as the Impersonation Technique, a skill that allows one to change their appearance and aura,” Jared explained to Catina. Upon hearing this, Catina was immediately surprised and exclaimed, “I’ve heard of this technique before, and there’s even a rumor about it! A Demonic Cultivator who mastered this skill transformed into the … Read more

A Man Like None Other Novel Chapter 3501


“Hmph, a mere Seventh Level Tribulator dares to challenge me. We’ll see about that,” Zayan scoffed upon seeing Montane Daemon. With a thunderous roar, Montane Daemon unleashed waves of sound that formed tides, like a surging river, rushing toward Zayan with an unstoppable force. Horrified by the attack, Zayan struck out with his palm. The … Read more

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Novel (Simone) Chapter 4


While filming, Simone rarely initiated contact with the Gray Family and Leon. However, he would still visit her every month, taking care of her as before and denying any connection with Jodie. Nevertheless, the variety show and his affection for another woman left a deep pain in her heart. After completing the film, she returned … Read more